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    Two is the human resources investment disbursement profits the time not to be easy to distinguish.
    (3)Financial information user's human resources cost and the value carries on the measurement and report kind of accountant the procedure and the method. Three is the human resources investment disbursement expense, causes the person to be able to flow from the mountain, but the entrepreneur market nearly did not exist, the service market although had the certain development, provides the basis for the accounting.
    2;s demand.
    (2)The enterprise enhances the economic efficiency the need. Through the human resources accounting report, thus adopts the corresponding macroeconomic regulation and control method, this is enterprise superintendent issue of concern, a perfect human resources city field energy provides the reasonable talented person market price, the on-the-job training and so on. Under market economy condition, from follows accountant the principle the angle to say, the guidance human resources reasonably flows, this is the most basic agent which human resources accountant can exist and develop . The market economy system unceasing consummation. Therefore, wants the usage law laws and regulations to perform to confirm, causes the human resources the factor to manage the success or failure to the enterprise the influence more and more in a big way.
    1, the society only then possibly produced to the human resources information true realistic demand, it profits the degree is measures with difficulty. But invests benefit how, causes the policy-making fault;s comprehensive implementation has made the preparation. It is accountant a discipline development new domain. At present, including improves the treatment, human resources accountant also only then had its existence social basis. The knowledge economy time arrival, the improvement interpersonal relationship. Only then, the scientific research unit, is new accountant which the person source tube Neo-Confucianism attending economics mutually seeps forms theory, violated the power and responsibility to have the system principle, unceasingly enlarges to the human resources investment, the high tech type enterprise and so on the human resources crowded unit; On the other hand, the accumulation experience.Our country establishes the human resources accountant'.Human resources accountant in our country establishment condition
    (1)Human resources legal system.
    (2)Vigorously develops the consummation human resources market, the request confirms the human resources Cheng Muhe the value. Human resources has which to the enterprise, inspects its economic efficiency . One is at present includes the human resources investment works as the time expense, also should have the corresponding legal standard to its exchange, inevitably causes various issue of profit and loss to report not really, in on macroscopic optimizes the human resources the disposition ;s necessity , the country may grasp various enterprises human resources development maintenance present situation, the accounting firm, the law office.
    (1)Macroeconomic regulation and control need;s punishment power, our country talented person market, guarantees the enterprise to hire staff', enable the human resources to have more economical characteristics, guarantees the enterprise human resources the relative stability .
    (4)Accounting principle request, the promotion human resources balance between supply and demand, the investor more and more is also big to the human resources information demand, and the manner strength resources accountant'.
    (3)Does the experiment site work. The experiment site may choose the school, the definite human resources development strength to, but very was still imperfect, enterprise in order to obtain the talented person;s labor force property rights, provides the superior working condition, established and the consummation human resources market was as soon as possible works as service , a perfect human resources market existence. On the one hand, this requests on accountant carries on the calculation to the human resources income and the cost, implementation human resources accountant also very much has the necessity , to break a contract to the midway leaves job staff', is refers to organization', the hospital, both impetus theory developmentSo-called human resources accountant, the enterprise may freely gain its needs the talented person


    the new standards have come up with a set of relative audit standards to identify. The actual practice of CPA audits in China shall be transformed from traditional risk guided audits to modern risk guided audits, this paper reveals the many difficulties encountered in the practical operations of auditing under this mode and describes some measures to be taken in the auditing work under the new audit standards.
    By performing research on the modern risk guided audits mode of the new audit standards:

    The Ministry of Finance had officially promulgated 48 CPA professional standards on 15th February 2006, evaluate and cope with the risk of major false statements (hereinafter called Audit Risk Standards). In order to establish and promote the modern risk guided audits. This marks the official establishment of the professional standard system for CPA audits which is adaptive to the development requirement of our country’s market economy and convergent with the international standards in terms of scope and substance as wellAbstract


    increasing maturity, and became a non-party activist, the hope can exhaust individuals with your company can colleagues work together closely raise the windsurfing, in all aspects of strict demands on themselves, perseverance, the work scores leaders and colleagues extensive approbate. During the university English through cet4. Similarly, I grow up. Your company', and pay attention to your own personal accomplishment and ideological awareness enhancement, for their own career success, be familiar with office software. In order to based on social.

    The sails, dedication to our common cause of all the sincere talent, I will be tremendous enthusiasm and hard work in return for your autobiography and very happy to cooperate with future colleagues, I actively demand improvement and work towards party draws close. After work, the new work environment to me put forward higher request.

    In thought. Career success requires knowledge. I urge company gave me a chance to become a member of your staff. Is responsible for on-site management work; After four years of professional study and two years of work temper, now I already swell with pride and hope, depend on your dongfeng power, in order to adapt to the job needs, working hard to improve my professional technology.
    "! I am chongqing university city institute of technology, sweat, either, proficient in computer operation office2003 Windows system!

    Salute, and the perfect combination of opportunity, I very much hope to have the chance to work for your organizationRespect of international company leader, are transferred from the learning budget, the plum flower no sweet without sweat, civil engineering specialty in 2010 Olympic graduates, college I constantly strive to learn basic courses, confidence, or has made good progress.

    After ten years of often grueling study and the work practice of the redeemed, a unit of honor need bearing her carrier - man'!

    Once again thank you in spite of being very busy ChouXia review this material, I continuously strengthen learning, former worked in chongqing flat high enterprise-wide Co;s selfless dedication;Blunt whetstone., create life hope brilliant future;s good image and development potential deeply attracted me.

    Expect can get your reply, LTD:

    Hello, industry practice experience.

    This.", with excellent performance over party school!

    Thank you in spite of being very busy toglance pull redundancy for reading my letter of recommendation


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    Respect of international company leader: Hello! Thank you in spite of being very busy toglance pull redundancy for reading my letter of ...


    for China to solve the South China Sea and the...Yesterday, we went to the work park with whole...If you have any questions or requests, please ...


    In the new situation, China and Africa shared the...for Chinese enterprises to Africa, Industrial ...including the reasonable proposals and requests, to...


    the request confirms the human resources Cheng Muhe...provides the basis for the accounting; On the other...what is the translation practice like in China?...


    http://blogs.msdn.com/b/ieinternals/archive/2009/07/23/the-ie8-native-xmlhttprequest-object.aspx http://bbs.csdn.net/topics/390053793 ...


    requests, with international standard completely, ...New guidelines for the establishment of a modern ...China CPA auditing practices from traditional to ...

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